A Zola theme embracing minimalism, focusing on clean CSS while steering clear of resource-heavy JavaScript. Immerse yourself in a seamless user experience, powered by lightning-fast load times.
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Introducing "anemone," a minimalist Zola theme that prioritizes clean CSS and avoids heavy JavaScript. Enjoy a seamless user experience with lightning-fast load times. Let your content take center stage in a clutter-free, elegant design that enhances readability. Responsive and efficient, anemone brings focus to your ideas.

You can browse the demo website here I also use it on my own website.

Anemone is a versatile Zola theme that comes with both light and dark variants. You can easily switch between the light and dark themes to suit your preferences.

Anemone Light and Dark Theme


To get started with Anemone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the theme to your themes directory:
cd themes
git clone https://github.com/Speyll/anemone
  1. Enable Anemone in your config.toml:
theme = "anemone"

Release Notes


This release brings several improvements and enhancements, focusing mainly on optimizing performance and user experience. Here's a summary of the key changes:

  • suCSS Integration: The core CSS now leverages the lightweight suCSS framework made by yours truly, providing better maintainability, robustness, and scalability. With suCSS, the theme should maintain consistent appearance across different browsers.

  • Enhanced Theme Toggle: The dark and light theme toggle has been revamped for more consistency. Now, the website respects the user's system-wide theme settings, ensuring a seamless experience. Additionally, the toggle retains the selected theme for future visits, offering improved usability.

  • Smooth Transition and Sound Effect: Enjoy a smoother transition between the dark and light mode accompanied by a subtle sound effect. Rest assured, the added sound effect incurs minimal performance overhead, with the file size being just 1kb.

  • Class Names and Shortcodes Update: Some class names and shortcodes have been modified for better organization and clarity. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Slight change in Color Choice: Some dark mode colors have been changed for the sake of readability, still using veqev.


Anemone provides various options to customize your website:

Default Taxonomies

To use tags, add the following code to a page's metadata:

tags = ["tag1", "tag2"]

Pages List in Homepage

Enable listing of pages in the homepage by adding the following code to config.toml:

list_pages = true


The theme has a built-in feature that allows you to use multiple languages. For detailed instructions on how to use this feature, you can refer to the Zola Multilingual documentation. This documentation provides additional information on how to make the most out of this multilingual capability.

weight = 2
title = "anemone"
languageName = "Français"
languageCode = "fr"

Multilanguage-Ready Navigation Bar

Customize the header navigation links with the following code in the extra section of config.toml:


header_nav = [
  { url = "/", name_en = "/home/", name_fr = "/accueil/" },
  { url = "/about", name_en = "/about/", name_fr = "/concernant/" },
  { url = "/journal", name_en = "/journal/", name_fr = "/journal/" },
  { url = "/blog", name_en = "/blog/", name_fr = "/blog/" }

Add Table of Contents (TOC) to Pages

In a page's frontmatter, set extra.toc to true:

toc = true

Display Author Name in Blog Posts

Customize the display of the author's name in your blog posts by toggling the display_author variable to either true or false:

display_author = true


Add a webring with a shortcode:

{{ webring(prev="#", webring="#", webringName="Random Webring", next="#") }}

Extra Data

  • Set the author in both the main config and in pages metadata.
  • Use the image variable in pages to add an image to HTML <meta> tags.
  • Similarly, set favicon in the main config, and it will be used as the site icon.
  • Set footer_content_license and footer_content_license_link if you wish to display content license information in the footer.

Disable Twitter Card

Twitter metatags are generated by default. To disable them, set extra.twitter_card to false in config.toml:

twitter_card = true


The Anemone theme is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.