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Use as a parent pom.



The POM defines the following items:

  • issueManagement
  • scm
  • url
  • inceptionYear
  • licenses
  • developers In your child pom you should override, at least, the issueManagement, scm, url and inceptionYear sections.


The POM sets the following properties:

  • project.reporting.outputEncoding as UTF-8
  • java.version as 1.8

Profile release

The release profile is for use when deploying your project.

It configures the following plugins:


Executes the jar goal during the package phase.


Executes the jar-no-fork goal during the package phase.


Executes the sign goal during the package phase.

The default gpg key will be used with the password defined in the gpg.passphrase property.


This plugin is configured to not run. Deployment, uploading of artifacts, is handled by the nexus-staging-maven-plugin.


Executes the default goals.

Uploads artifacts to the Sonatype Nexus server,, leaving the artifacts in the Staging repository. From there they will need to be released manually.

Authentication details are taken from the sonatype-nexus server in your settings.xml file.

Distribution Management

The Nexus Sonatype repositories are declared within distributionManagement.